My name is Boom Nuanual (pronounced 'boom nua•nua'). I’m a visual and audio creative based in the Sunset District, San Francisco, CA.

Boom holding a Nocs Monocular up to the camera
Close up shot of a Nocs Monocular
Man looking through some Nocs Binoculars

Tell me more about your relationship with public lands.
What do they mean to you?

Access to public lands serves as a sense of self-sufficiency with physical and mental health.

How important is mitigating climate change to your life?

It makes me feel that my actions make a difference. Learning about the environment warms my heart then breaks it in the same sentence. I have gratitude for my privilege to immerse myself in its beauty.

I believe our human condition is much more positive than negative, but it’s sad something that works tirelessly to heal us gets far less in return. As with most things, there is a delicate balance. I know the world loves us more than our human race tends to acknowledge.

Can you tell us a bit about your passions beyond “work”?

I love music and video. My passion lives with my work. Other passions include surfing and skating.

Do you find that these passions blend, merge, or complement your work?

These passions live with and for each other in every single way.

Do you find these passions tied to given environments or landscapes?

Everything I experience in nature, urban environments, and the ocean inspire my passions 10 fold. With love in abundance x infinity.

Boom and two of his friends looking at a guidebook and holding Nocs monoculars

How do you give back to your community or to the underserved?

I promote media literacy. I vote for education reform. I promote self-sufficiency. I share my knowledge. I believe the only way to make something is to actually make it.

What are your materials, and how do you think about them?

Music: drumset, bass, upright piano, microphones, tape player, computer

Video: camera, computer, and the world around us.

Artisitc photo collage of Boom surfing on one side, and multiple kinds of Nocs products on a ledge on his balcony

Is there a specific moment in life or a series of events that instilled in you a passion for your craft or passions?

Most moments seem to inspire me cinematically and musically. It’s quite overwhelming. I just have to focus, listen to my thoughts, and do that till it’s done.

Close up of Boom, holding a pair of Nocs monoculars in front of him towards the camera

At the end of the day, why do you do your craft? Are there goals ahead, a constant love for the process, or a yearning to learn more?

A form of peaceful protest is success despite broken systems. My goal is to do my best with the cards I’ve been dealt.

I wish to set a precedent for the people that will benefit from my creative success. Creating jobs for colleagues and benefiting others, some of which I will never meet. This is how I’ve benefited from America: through the activists, visual artists, creatives, singers, songwriters, and musicians.

The creative realm simply relies on capturing gifts from nature presenting herself. I just have to press record. Just gratitude: is sound in my ears and light in my lens.